Volume One

by The Fiction Writers

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released July 21, 2011

All songs written and arranged by Eric Wagenmaker
Recorded at Backgroundnoise Studio, Muskegon, MI
Engineered and Mixed by Justin VanHook
Produced by Eric Wagenmaker and Justin VanHook
Mastered by Jake Rye

The Fiction Writers are:
Kate Rudd - lead vocals
Eric Wagenmaker - acoustic guitar & vocals
Angela Corbin - violin & vocals
Kevin Cramblet - drums

Guest Musicians: Chris Walker, Michael Johnson, Scott Herlein, Justin VanHook, Joel Yoshonis, Tom Boyer & Bob Thomas

(c) 2011 The Fiction Writers - All Rights Reserved.



all rights reserved


The Fiction Writers Muskegon, Michigan

"the fiction writers" is an indie, folk band from west Michigan. Kate, Eric, Kevin and Angela have been artists, musicians and friends for over 15 years and now embark on a musical collaboration together. We love music, so we will make it.

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Track Name: Mile A Minute
The way we were, and what was said,
The way we knew and what went through inside your head.
I know for sure the sun shines on.
If ya think for me it’s been easy it’s ‘cause your gone.
You smile at me but it’s too late, so come around another day.

You tell me you’re moving on, a mile a minute, then you’re gone.
Some days it sounds okay. the sun will rise another day, and it won’t be too late.

The way I am, and what I do,
Would make me think, not even blink to be without you.
The honest truth, if I could say,
The way we are, it’s best by far to be this way.
Just because things don’t turn out like they should, doesn’t mean that it can’t be used for good.
Track Name: Sweet Someday
Please send me away from this lonely grave where I lay.
The quietness here only adds to my own fear.
Stay I need you here, or my soul might disappear.
Come away with me, we might be happy.

You’ve found me undone from this lonely race that I’ve run.
And Solomon’s pace led me to believe I’d win first place.
It was music to my ears and something I had known for years.
What suddenly fell apart, had broken my heart.

Sweet someday when I’m well on my way,
I’ll step out with sunlight on my face.
The clouds will break, they will break from the rain.
Oh sweet someday.

Don’t send me a rose, ‘cause we both know what that shows.
‘Til I’m well on my way, I will think about my mistakes.
Time please won’t you blink, ‘cause the silence makes me think.
Tomorrow will be right here and this will all disappear.

You know that I know that I know that you know,
And I thought in my heart that I needed you so,
But there’s one thing that won’t let my own heart agree and it’s me, only me.

Don’t look now but I’m well on my way,
Stepping out with sunlight on my face.
The clouds will break, they will break from the rain.
Oh sweet someday.
Track Name: Slumber Song
Where did we go wrong? This time it feels so strong.
We knew we'd give affection, but we paid it no attention.
Now which way do we go? This movement feels so slow.
And something in my soul tells me I will never know. I will never know.

Where did I go wrong? Now I write this slumber song.
For years I've been sleeping, but now my eyes they're weeping.
Now this I can't deny, I've lived here with this lie.
My thoughts will always go to how you always know. You, you always know.

You did nothing wrong. Now time is almost gone.
You say a prayer, I echo. With pain inside we let go.
What the heart may fail to see, there my soul will always be.
Though you'll end up in my heart, that's also where you start. That's also where you start.
Track Name: Again My Friend
You along with me, again in line now don’t you see?
Again my friend, again it’s down to you and me.
You along with me, again we lie and can’t you see?
Again my friend, again it’s up to you and me.

Someway, somehow, my feelings drown,
And now I’m left here again my friend, my friend, my friend.

It’s over-looked. my life is shook and destiny seems to be passing me.
It’s understood. When life is good,
What’s left for me is here and all around me.

Someway, somehow, the ceiling’s down,
And now I’m left here again my friend, my friend, my friend.
What’s left of me? We’ll hardly see.
And now I’m left here again my friend, my friend, my friend.

Love used to be all of me.

All of me, and I can’t see what’s left here of me here friend my friend, my friend, my friend. Someway, somehow, let’s find our ground
So we’re not left here again my friend, my friend, my friend.
Track Name: Might Have Been
Some things I'm learning. Some things I've taught.
But I've paid my tuition with the lies that I bought.
Some things are turning. People are burning.
There's always a moment I know that I'm caught.

It seems that I should know the things that I believe
And not in the might have been. it's stronger than it seems.
I know it's been too long. I've made the same mistakes.
I'm caught up in the sight of men and look the other way.

While I sit here lying, people are dying
And my accusations are as perfect as me.
Despite my mistakes, and the profit one makes
On one's intuition, the other's heart breaks.

Promise you'll love me when a part of me dies,
Despite all the might have been and promises denied.
Because if I've fallen harder than before
I've lost all my innocence and stolen even more.

But one moment at a time, I'm finding out what's mine.
And if there's something left, I'll find it even yet.

So don't say a word. there's something I heard,
And it’s making a promise and trying to keep.
And now I digress. rebuke selfishness,
Give a nod to your old friends and just let it be.

I know I’m not half the man that came before me.
He whistled to a different tune and marched a different beat.
I know there may come a day when I won’t turn and run,
Or think about the might have been and see what I’ve become.
If someone were to follow the life that I should find
And step into the footprints of what I’ve left behind.
Then all of the good things, as far as I can see,
Are no longer the might have been, but my legacy.

Some things I’m learning. Some things I’ve taught.